Dress and Appearance

AFI 36-2903:Dress and Appearance of Air Force Personnel



Male - a tapered appearance on both sides and back (when viewed from any angle, outlines the individual's hair so that it conforms to the shape of the head); will not protrude below front band of headgear, touch the ears, or exceed 1 (1/4) inch in bulk; only closely cut hair on the back of the neck may touch the collar; shaved heads, "high and tights", and flat-top military hairstyles are permitted 


Female - styled to present a professional appearance; may not extend below bottom edge of collar; will not contain hair ornaments such as ribbons, beads, or scrunchies; conservative hairpins, elastic bands, etc. may be worn, but must match hair color; long hair must be secured with no loose ends; will not exceed 3" in bulk or prevent proper wear of headgear; style must be conservative and not faddish


Mustaches (males only) - must be neatly trimmed; may not extend past corners of the mouth, or extend downward past lip line of upper lip


Sideburns (males only) - neatly trimmed and tapered; straight and of even width (not flared); will not extend below lowest part of exterior ear opening


Cosmetics (females only) - must be conservative and in good taste; nail polish must be a single color complimentary to skin tone, or French manicure; lipstick must compliment skin tone


Fingernails - must be clean and well-groomed; may not exceed 1/4" past tip of finger


Service Dress:

Metallic nametag centered on right side between sleeve seam and lapel, parallel with bottom of ribbons 

Ribbons centered and resting on edge of pocket 

Tie/tie tab mandatory 

With arms hanging naturally, sleeves should end 1/4" from heel of thumbs


Service Blues:


Nametag centered on edge of right pocket 

Ribbons centered on edge of left pocket



Nametag centered on right side, even with to 1(1/5)" higher or lower than first exposed button 

Ribbons centered on left side, parallel to ground, bottom aligned with bottom of nametag 

Badges worn 1/2" spaced, as directed 

Tie/tie tab optional with short sleeve, mandatory with long sleeve; if worn, tip of tie must fall on, but not below belt buckle 

Long sleeve: with arms hanging naturally, sleeves should extend to heel of thumb 

Short sleeve: with arms bent at 90° angle, sleeves should barely touch or come within 1" of forearm 

Military creases prohibited 




Front edge rests on front of shoe with slight break in crease 

Back edge extends 7/8" longer than front edge



No shorter than top of kneecap nor longer than bottom of kneecap


Flight Caps 

Insignia worn 1(1/2)" from front and centered top-to-bottom on left side 

Worn angled slightly to wearer's right 

Extends 1" from eyebrows 

When not worn, stored on left side (males) or on either side (females), between first and second belt loops


Other Items:

Belt/Buckle - tip extends through buckle to wearer's left (males) or right (females), with no blue fabric showing

Undergarments - undershorts and white v-neck undershirt mandatory with all uniforms (males); bra and panties mandatory with all uniforms (females); should not be visible above the collar or otherwise

Pumps - (females): heel of max height 2(1/2)"; plain, black, smooth leather or man-made material; no ornament

Hose - (females): sheer, nylon in neutral, dark brown, black, or dark blue that compliments skin tone and the     uniform; cannot be patterned

Purses - (females): plain black leather or vinyl, without ornamentation; may have up to two shoulder straps with or without gold or silver buckles

Tattoos/Brands - excessive tattoos may not be visible while in uniform; inappropriate tattoos prohibited anywhere on the body

Piercings - prohibited anywhere visible on body while in uniform, with the exception of females' earrings (see below)

Watch - 1 only while in uniform

Bracelet - 1 only; conservative, gold or silver; max 1/2" wide

Rings - maximum 3 on both hands; thumb rings prohibited

Earrings - Must be diamond, pearl, silver, or gold studs

Necklaces - not visible while in uniform

Eyeglasses - conservative frames and lenses; worn only as designed (not worn hanging around neck or on top of head); no sunglasses permitted in formation

Pens/Pencils - concealed

Other - Have shoe laces in bar-bell syle.

Drill Team Uniform Items

Beret worn with flash over the left eye and all excess material pulled down over the right ear

Boots worn shined, fully laced, with excess laces tucked in; blue trousers/slacks will be bloused over the boots

"Sir/ Ma'am, the boots that I / my teammates am / are wearing are earned by individual excellence in drill performance, uniform wear, and knowledge, Sir/ Ma'am."