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We invite you to consider enrolling in Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC). Young men and women ready for the challenge of living by an Honor Code and core values, and learning leadership through experience and service, will become better citizens and adults.  We typically have 150-200 cadets from grades 9-12 in the program each school year.


We are not military recruiters; there is NO military obligation for cadets after high school.  Students considering military service naturally benefit from JROTC, and we can help prepare them for enlistment, college ROTC, or Service Academies; but our focus is citizenship, leadership, service, teamwork, and character development.  Cadets learn hands-on followership and leadership.  We do not teach or tolerate yelling, physical discipline/punishment, or physical or verbal abuse.  We model positive leadership by example. 


Cadets enjoy shared values, a variety of activities, and a sense of family in JROTC.  It is a program where good kids find the support to be great kids.  We emphasize academic performance, professional appearance, personal responsibility, health and fitness, and moral conduct.  Our JROTC curriculum is built on aerospace science, cultural studies, survival skills, college and adult life skills, leadership development, and physical fitness. 


JROTC is an academic class period during the normal school day which can count as either a PE credit (if needed, due to our fitness curriculum) or an elective credit. Students can participate in JROTC and still be in band, athletics, and other school activities.  There is a modest $200 annual program fee.  Cadets must get a school physical before participating.   They must also adhere to Air Force grooming standards and wear the Air Force uniform (issued free of charge) weekly.  JROTC is not just for young men—a third of our cadets are female. 


Many of our exciting activities occur after school, and are voluntary for cadets.  We have award-winning teams for Military Drill, Academics, Marksmanship, Orienteering, Physical Fitness, Cyber, and Aerospace/Drone competitions.  We have a JROTC-specific honor society, and cadets can letter in JROTC.  We offer monthly events such as games, field trips, college visits, a chili cook-off, and formal events.  Corps-sponsored community service is also an important part of our program. We collectively contribute over 2,500 hours of community service in the local area annually. 


For more information, please visit the JROTC instructors at the Senior Campus and/or contact your counselor.  The Woodlands High School’s JROTC program is first-rate—thank you for considering us!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is JROTC class?  For freshmen, JROTC is offered Green Days, 5th, 6th, or 7th period, at the 9th Grade Campus.


Where is JROTC Class?  Freshman JROTC class is at the Ninth Grade Campus, with our optional after-school activities held at the Senior Campus (freshmen take the after-school Activities shuttle bus to attend those). 


Do I have to wear a uniform to school?  Yes—once you earn the right to wear the uniform, you wear it to school one day a week, all day, as part of your grade.  This is the same uniform Active Duty Air Force members wear, and we wear it with pride!


How much does the uniform cost?  Nothing, as long as you return the items when you depart JROTC!  The $200 cadet fee pays for fitness clothing, uniform name tags, a unit polo shirt, a “spirit” T-shirt, a JROTC yearbook, end-of-year awards, etc.


Do I have to get my hair cut?  Boys must keep their hair cut within Air Force regulations.  Girls can have long hair but it must be worn within regulations when in uniform.  Hair is inspected for compliance each week on their uniform-wear day.


Do boys have to shave?  Boys must be clean-shaven on uniform day.  This includes “peach fuzz.”  It will not grow back thicker or darker as a result—we promise.  Depending on your perspective, that’s a good thing or a bad thing!


How do the upperclassmen treat the freshmen?  JROTC is unlike many other programs.  Our freshmen are an integral part of our Corps, and cadet leaders and other upperclassmen treat them with respect.


I want to participate in your after-school activities, but don’t have time in my class schedule to take JROTC class.  Can I do that?  Sorry—you must be enrolled in JROTC class in order to participate in our extracurricular activities.


I am busy with (sports, band, job) after school and won’t be able to participate in JROTC extracurriculars.  Will that hurt my grade?  Absolutely not!  The only graded events happen during your class time—uniform inspections, presentations, quizzes, group projects, etc.  Many other school activities have an “off season” in the fall or spring, and cadets can participate after school to the level they are able.  After-school activities are enjoyable, and many cadets join or continue in JROTC because of them, but they have no bearing on academic grades. 


I’m not very athletic.  Will that hurt my grade in JROTC?  Fitness is 20% of our curriculum.  We require participation in physical training during your Friday JROTC class (every other week due to the Red/Green schedule).  We test cadet fitness throughout the year; generally pushups, situps, and running 1 to 1.5 miles.  That being said, your fitness grade is based on two things:  dressing out in the provided PT uniform (Air Force shirt and shorts), and effort shown during fitness class, not results. 


What sort of benefits might I gain from being in JROTC?  Besides leadership and citizenship development, you may be able to enlist in the military at a higher rank, and JROTC helps prepare you for enlisting, college ROTC, or Service Academies if you choose those paths.  JROTC also offers valuable community service opportunities many universities appreciate.  There are also training and scholarship opportunities available exclusively to JROTC cadets.


I’m interested in (attending the Air Force Academy, college ROTC, enlisting, etc.).  Do I have to take JROTC in high school?  No, it is not a requirement for those opportunities.  However, the JROTC experience may help you refine your education and career paths, expose you to opportunities you had not previously considered, and make you more competitive for them. 


What if I enroll in JROTC and later decide it’s not for me?  JROTC is a voluntary program.  Cadets are free to request a schedule change at any time—we have cadets in JROTC one week, one semester, one year, or all the way up to four years.


Where can I get more information?  Our website is; it has a link to our Cadet Guidebook with details on program expectations and activities.  Our parent Booster Club’s website is  

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